Even though the Ocean is celebrated every day at the Aquarium by promoting the many dangers the oceans face but also the beauty of the Ocean, World oceans day is a day celebrated each year on 8th June all around the world.

The ocean are the lungs to our Planet, we can’t turn our heads and not think about the ocean does for us and how much we depend on them, 8th June gives  that chance.

 8th of June is now a day recognised all around the world with different events being held to raise awareness from Beach cleans, Exhibition days, fun runs and the list goes on, and we at the Aquarium are no different….

Come and visit us this 8th June and you will get the chance to meet different NGO’S from all over the island to learn about Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Marine Pollution to name a few, join in with a Clean up, visit the Aquarium and do the trash hunt or just simply enjoy the atmosphere. And remember the caps we are collecting? Well they need counting and we have thousands of them! Bring the children down to us at 2pm and lets all get together to count but not only that.. we will be making a message for the ocean using caps and capturing the moment from the sky, it’s going to be a moment not to miss out on.

We have a saying at the Aquarium: ‘’You have to first fall in love with something to be able to protect it’’ so let us help you and your children fall in love with the Ocean, enjoy a day with us and let’s face it there is no better setting to have such a day than here at the Aquarium with the stunning views we have.

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