Vincent Attard – President of Nature Trust – FEE Malta

On Earth Day, Nature Trust – FEE Malta is cleaning up near the coast to help raise awareness on marine debris and how this is today impacting our lives. 

With the amount of plastic found in our oceans today we are witnessing that plastic is not only impacting fish  but ending also on our plates through the fish we eat. 

Today we hear of the large areas of floating debris in the sea with some areas as big as Italy.
Ever since the invention of Plastic as few years back, it was at the time  looked as a good solution to storing products and packaging, has today turned into one of the planet’s biggest polluter in modern times.  We now realize that it was more of a health hazard.

Plastic takes a large number of years to degrade and in the process it is breaking up having a negative impact on our planet and our health.

The large number of marine animals that die because of plastic ingestion is increasing every year.  We are now seeing countries banning single use plastic like the European Union due to the major concerns this product is creating. 

Many Countries are banning the release of balloons and even working towards plastic free areas such as beaches and entertainment areas.

This drive is leading many to take action such is the case of the Eco-Schools programme in Malta where in the coming months it will be distributing stainless Steel straws and brushes to students in schools so as to provide an alternative to the single use plastic straw.

As the United Nations is saying today – this is the last generation that can do something to save the planet from a point of no Return.  So let us all do our bit in a way that our Children can be guaranteed a safe future.

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